Top loan companies in South Africa

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Let’s look at the top loan companies in South Africa. There are many loan companies or money lenders in South Africa. From time to time we may need financial assistance to enable us to solve a problem or start a business. When we can’t borrow such an amount from a friend we have no other … Read more

Top Youtubers in USA (America) 2023

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Here are the top Youtubers in USA 2023. Youtube has become a household name today ever since it emerged in 2005. We usually go there to watch our favorite videos and also subscribe to our favorite channels. Today we will be looking at those who got the biggest channels on Youtube and also many numbers … Read more

20 lowest currencies in the world

Indonesian Rupiah

This article is all about the 20 lowest currencies in the world. Many countries in the world have a robust economy and are seen among the best places in the world. Some other countries have a very poor economy and citizens of such countries are seen as people living in very poor conditions.  Apart from … Read more

Top 20 South African gospel artists

HLE Top 20 South African gospel artists

This article will give you a comprehensive list of Top 20 South African gospel artists. South Africa is well known for music, and they’re recognized as one of the best in that category in Africa. Mostly, their fame in songs is not in the gospel category, but they never disappoint as they have the best … Read more

Top 10 South African Female Vocalists


We will be looking at the top 10 South African female vocalists. People are born with different talents which gave birth to many of us have different abilities. This time around our focus will be on those that have the talent of great voices and not just the talent but also went ahead to develop … Read more

Top 5 South African Pastors

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We will be writing a comprehensive article about the Top 5 South African Pastors. In the Christiandom there has been lots of denominations which has made it look like the religion is divided. In all these denominations we have bishops, pastors, reverend, etc. Our focus today will be about pastors, not just the whole pastors … Read more

Top best mobile networks in Canada

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Canada is one of the largest countries in total area landmass. With over 30 million people residing in the country, no doubt you will require a good number of mobile networks to serve this population. Every country have a good number of networks serving its citizens, but in every area of life, we have quality … Read more

8 deadliest days in US history

Pearl Harbor Attack\

This article is about the 8 deadliest days in US history. Many things have happened in the United States of America over the years. Some are bad and some are worse, but we are here to show you the deadliest ones and their dates. The country has been in existence for over 200 years and … Read more