Top best mobile networks in Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in total area landmass. With over 30 million people residing in the country, no doubt you will require a good number of mobile networks to serve this population. Every country have a good number of networks serving its citizens, but in every area of life, we have quality and quantity.

You might ask which mobile network is best in Canada? Well, we will be looking at the quality mobile networks in Canada and by quality, I meant the best telecom mobile networks in the country.

Top best mobile networks in Canada 

1. Bell Canada 

bell Canada

One of the best in the country is Bell Canada. They have been in existence since April 29, 1880, that’s about 140 plus years. They offer TV services, business services, Smart Home and of course Mobile and internet services. Popular tech blog PCMag named Bell Canada the fastest mobile network in the country. This goes to show the quality of this network and why we ranked it among the top best networks in Canada.

2. Telus Mobility 

telus Top best mobile networks in Canada 

The next on our list is Telus Mobility which has already a name for itself in the country. Being a division of the popular Telus Communications makes them stand out in this list. They offer internet services, TV services, Smart Home security services, and health services.

They have been in operation since the 1980s under their former name AGT Mobility. The agriculture and business sectors are not left out in the service they offer.

3. Rogers Communications 

Rogers Communications

We couldn’t have done much without mentioning this mobile network. Founded in 1960 and with over 26000 employees as of 2013, they’re among the leading networks in Canada. Their services include Home Monitoring, mobile device sales, great data plans, and much more. Their subsidiaries in mobile services are Chatr Mobile, Rogers Wireless, Cityfone and Fido Solutions.

4. Shaw Communications 

Shaw Communications 

This great network came to be in 1966 and was named after its founder JR Shaw. Their products include telephone, Internet, television, and mobile services. This company has many subsidiaries but they provide their mobile services through Freedom Mobile.

These are the major mobile networks in Canada. We will continue to update this article as time goes by.