20 lowest currencies in the world

This article is all about the 20 lowest currencies in the world. Many countries in the world have a robust economy and are seen among the best places in the world. Some other countries have a very poor economy and citizens of such countries are seen as people living in very poor conditions.  Apart from the economy, we also have currencies, which is the money the country makes use of. There are currencies that are strong, and there are weak ones too.

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Our focus today will be on the weakest currencies in the world. In this list, not all countries with weak currencies have poor economies. Let’s get started.

20 lowest currency in the world 

Vietnamese Dong

1. Vietnamese Dong ( 1 USD = 22,947.50 VND)

The southeast Asian country have been through a lot in the past, this has affected their economy and in turn, affect their currency. Their currency is among the lowest in the world and is so insignificant in the global market.


2. Iranian Rial ( 1 USD = 42,105.00 IRR) 

So many sanctions have made Iran be one of the poorest currencies in the world. Their major source of revenue is oil which contributes more than 50 percent of the countries income, but this haven’t done much for them as they can’t export due to sanctions.

Sierra Leonean Leone

3. Sierra Leonean Leone (1 USD = 10,258.00 SLL) 

All the way from West Africa, Sierra Leone has been through a lot, ranging from Ebola pandemics and other issues surrounding them. They are blessed with many natural resources such as iron ore and gold but are among the poorest countries in the world which have shown in their currency.

Indonesian Rupiah

4. Indonesian Rupiah (1 USD = 14,339.35 IDR) 

Like is stated before, there are some countries that have a very stable economy but poor currency, Indonesia is one of them. Despite all efforts to strengthen it, it has proved abortive.

Uzbekistani Som

5. Uzbekistani Som (1 USD = 10,635.00 UZS) 

Nearly 3 decades ago, the Uzbekistan currency has the same value as the United States dollar but depreciated as time went by to a very bad state. Through ups and downs in the global market forced their government to devalue their currency by almost half its original value to keep it stable, this really worked out for them.

Guinean Franc

6. Guinean Franc (1 USD = 9775.00 GNF)

Another country from west Africa has emerged on our list. Just like Sierra Leone was affected by the Ebola outbreak, so is Guinea. The country was hit badly by the pandemic and it affected their economy badly. Though politically, the country have not been stable.

Paraguayan Guarani

7. Paraguayan Guarani (1 USD = 6,924.91 PYG) 

Let’s go a bit to the South American continent. In 2020, many countries suffered lots of recession due to the Corona pandemic but Paraguay began experiencing a difficult recession from the 1990s to early 2000s. Also, political unrest in the 1980s contributed to their issues.

Tanzanian Shilling

8. Tanzanian Shilling (1 USD = 2,319.34 TSh) 

Tanzania also made the list of our 20 lowest currencies in the world. A country located in the eastern part of Africa, but have faced many issues over the years. Some of the issues are corruption, mismanagement of natural resources, and other things.

Colombian Peso

9. Colombian Peso (1 USD = 3,903.00 COP) 

From South America, we have Colombia, a country that makes use of the Peso as its currency. They made the list, because, between 2009 and 2015, their currency had its worst decline. The most important reason was the drop in global drop in oil prices.

Laotian Kip 20 lowest currencies in the world

10. Laotian Kip (1 USD = 9,573.13 LAK) 

Most of you have not heard about this country known as Laos. They make use of this currency and are located in southeast Asia.

11. Malagasy Ariary (1 USD = 3,908.21 Ar) 

Malagasy Ariary

This currency belongs to a country known as the Republic of Madagascar, an island located close to the eastern part of Africa.

Cambodian Riel

12. Cambodian Riel (1 USD = 4,074.84 KHR) 

This is the official currency of Cambodia but it hasn’t been used much in the country for some time. It came into existence over two decades ago but to date, the country has been making much use of the US dollar for most of its transactions.

Ugandan Shilling

13. Ugandan Shilling (1 USD = 3,540.64 UGX) 

Let’s get back to East Africa and bring to you Uganda that makes use of the Shilling. The currency was introduced in 1966 and have very low value but there’s something quite interesting, it has remained stable ever since.

Burundian Franc

14. Burundian Franc (1 USD = 1,987.50 BIF) 

The Burundian Franc is used by the Republic of Burundi, a country located in the Southeastern part of Africa. They are among the poorest countries in the world and is a landlocked country.

Iraqi Dinar

15. Iraqi Dinar (1 USD = 1,460.00 MMK) 

Iraq is also part of the list all the way from the middle east. The country have suffered different things over the years both politically and economically.

Lebanese pound

16. Lebanese pound (1 USD = 1,528.50 LBP) 

Lebanon made the list with their pound currency. The country is located in the Middle East in Western Asia.

Congolese franc 20 lowest currencies in the world

17. Congolese franc (1 USD = 2,003.00 CDF) 

The Democratic Republic of the Congo was not left out on this list as its currency is among the weakest in the world.

South Korean won

18. South Korean won (1 USD = 1,141.61 KRW

South Korea may have a weak currency but they have a stable economy.

Myanmar Kyat. 20 lowest currencies in the world

19. Myanmar Kyat (1 USD = 1,646.34 MMK) 

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar (also known as Burma) makes use of this currency Kyat. The country is located in Southeast Asia.

Venezuelan bolívar soberano

20. Venezuelan bolívar soberano (1 USD = 4,031,105 BIF) 

This is the official currency of Venezuela and it is the lowest and weakest currency in the world. It came to be the official currency on 20 August 2018.

This is the complete top 20 lowest currencies in the world. Remember to share with friends using our social media share buttons.