Web hosting companies in South Africa – Complete List

This is a comprehensive article on web hosting companies in South Africa. Hosting a website is a must if you want your website to go live. Once you’re done with domain name purchase the next thing will be to buy a host where you can upload your web files. There are many companies that offer these services, both the popular and the unpopular ones, but here our focus will be the South African web hosts. There is a list of the top web hosting companies and we are going to make sure you get the best from the list we are about to show you now.

Web hosting companies in South Africa

1. Xneelo 


Coming first on my list is Xneelo, a popular company that offers both domain and web hosting (VPS) services. They claimed to be a reliable company that you can count on 24 hours a day. The domain extensions they offer also include the .co.za and others. Xneelo was founded in 1999 and has been operating to date, this goes to show how outstanding they are.

2. Afrihost 

afrihost Web hosting companies in South Africa

Another popular South African Internet Service Provider is Afrihost and frankly, they offer many services. They have been in operation since August 2000 and won many industry awards for their Fibre and ADSL offerings. They offer domain, hosting, data, and various mobile services.

3. 1-grid 


As we continue to list the top web hosting companies in South Africa, we can’t forget 1-grid. It was founded in 1997, which makes them one of the oldest in this business category. Their services include; domain registration, reseller hosting, company registration, and many more.

4. MWEB  


This is another fantastic web hosting company that came to be in 1997. They offer many services apart from web hosting, these include; Internet security, Internet service provider, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and many others.

5. Domains.co.za 


Just as the name goes, they offer domain services and they didn’t just stop there, they also offer hosting, site builder, and reseller services. To show the quality of their service, they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee which is approximately two months. This period is enough for you to explore their services and know if you wish to continue making use of it. They are among the most popular companies in the country when it comes to internet services.



You don’t need to ask if it’s a South African hosting company, their name says it all. Just like MWEB, they are also an internet service provider. Under their hosting services section, you have VPS, dedicated servers, email hosting, and domain registration. Their Fibre, Fixed LTE, and ADSL connectivity are not left out too.

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