Top 10 South African Female Vocalists


We will be looking at the top 10 South African female vocalists. People are born with different talents which gave birth to many of us have different abilities. This time around our focus will be on those that have the talent of great voices and not just the talent but also went ahead to develop … Read more

Top 5 South African Pastors

Alph Lukau

We will be writing a comprehensive article about the Top 5 South African Pastors. In the Christiandom there has been lots of denominations which has made it look like the religion is divided. In all these denominations we have bishops, pastors, reverend, etc. Our focus today will be about pastors, not just the whole pastors … Read more

Top best mobile networks in Canada

bell Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in total area landmass. With over 30 million people residing in the country, no doubt you will require a good number of mobile networks to serve this population. Every country have a good number of networks serving its citizens, but in every area of life, we have quality … Read more