Top 10 waste management companies in South Africa

Top 10 waste management companies in South Africa


This article will explore the top 10 waste management companies in South Africa. The world has already seen the effect of pollution on our environment. With the rate at which things are going, it won’t be long before our planet becomes uninhabitable. While there are many people who take action to make the planet a better place, there are also some who make it worse. Businesses that produce industrial waste and hazardous materials do not think twice about disposing of them in whatever way they can, even if it means polluting their local water source or chopping down entire forests for timber mills for as little as possible. These actions have consequences and not just for humans but for other animals and plants too. It’s no longer enough to simply recycle material – we need to find ways to eliminate the production of waste that is harmful in the first place.

Top 10 waste management companies in South Africa

It’s no secret that South Africa is a country with a lot of challenges. In fact, it’s this very challenge that makes it one of the most exciting places in the world to be! There are many businesses in South Africa that deal with waste management. Each one of these businesses has its own way of dealing with waste. This may be by recycling, reusing waste, reducing the amount of waste, or by disposing of waste in a safe and sustainable manner. Waste management is the process of planning for and handling the disposal of waste materials. Waste management can be seen as a system that consists of three interrelated parts: collecting waste, transporting it, and disposing of it. The ways in which we deal with our waste have a direct effect on the environment. If the way we deal with our waste is not done properly, harmful chemicals can leach into the soil and water supply. This can harm not only humans but all living creatures as well.

1. SA Waste (PTY) Ltd 

Coming at no. 1 on our list is this popular company with a great reputation. They are located at Nietgedacht 535-Jq, Johannesburg, 1747, South Africa, and they work with the three R’s, which are; REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Their services include; document destruction, e-waste and batteries, fluorescent bulb disposal, safe disposal, waste receptacles, recycling services, waste collection, and mobile accessibility.

2. Interwaste (Pty) Ltd 

With a lot of positive reviews on the internet and considering how long they have been in the game, we can say they’re among the best in our list of top 10 waste management companies in South Africa. Their services include; waste logistics, commodity trading, waste disposal, and management facilities, solid and liquid waste treatment, and resource recovery. Their waste management includes both general and hazardous waste.

3. WastePlan

Owned by Nika Capital, they’re so committed to serving humanity by removing waste from the community. They offer lots of services ranging from waste management, zero waste to landfill, recycling, waste reduction, waste removal, residential collection, gap analysis, and a buyback program. Wasteplan has more than 400 customer sites across South Africa. They provide services to health care providers, the food &beverage industry, universities, shopping centers, office parks, distribution centers, hospitals, and manufacturing sites.

4. The Wastegroup 

Their primary objective is to offer a sustainable solution for a greener tomorrow. They have branches in various regions in Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, and KwaZulu-Natal. Following their top-notch services, they have won many awards over the years. The Wastegroup services include; Landfill sites, waste management services, recycling services, and landfill management services.

This is the work philosophy that this company works with; Rethink, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle, and Remove.

5. Enviroserv Waste Management (Pty) Ltd 

They have been in operation since 1979 with regional branches in Mozambique and Uganda and its headquarters in Gauteng. They solve both hazardous and non-hazardous, chemical pollution problems, transportation, and treatment of wastes. This company is one of the oldest on this list, but the drive to look for better ways of doing things has made them remain among the top 10 waste management companies in South Africa. Enviroserv services include;

  • Landfill management
  • Waste treatment and disposal
  • Minimizing waste in landfill
  • Waste Recycling and on-site waste management
  • Waste collection services
  • Methodology
  • Municipal waste services

6. WasteMart 

One of the largest waste management services you can ever find. To show how big they have become, they have over 200 permanent staff and managers that manage their four departments have more than 20 years of experience.  Let’s get to know the services they offer;

7. Clean Dot Waste South Africa 

One spectacular thing I like about their website is the Free Quote service, which helps you to have an estimate of the price to pay for their services. They are located at Number 15 Maree St, Bramley Park, Sandton, 2090, South Africa. Clean Dot Waste South Africa offers the following services;

  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Industrial waste removal
  • Restaurant waste disposal
  • Building rubble removal
  • Skip bin hire and skip trucks

8. Remade Recycling 

Being an accredited member of the Institute of Waste Management, they are no doubt a serious company in what they do. With over 15 branches, this business collects and receives over 500,000 tonnes of waste annually from different sources which include; buyback centers, dealers, large and small formal and informal collectors. They have been in existence since 1987, and have tried their best to remain on top. Remade Recycling services include;

  • Onsite waste management solutions
  • Residential estate recycling
  • Event waste management
  • Confidential Shredding
  • Waste Management
  • Purchasing recyclable waste

9. Compass Medical Waste Services 

They are located at number 8 Langford Rd, Westville, Durban, 3629, South Africa and have been in operation for over two decades. Its focus is the healthcare industry and since they were established, the company has grown to more than 500 staff members. Their services include; full healthcare risk waste solutions: containment, collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal. 

10. Oricol Environmental Services 

Coming at the last position on our list, this is among the leaders when it comes to waste management, waste treatment, and recycling. Their services include;

  • Waste collections
  • Integrated contracts
  • Industrial cleaning services
  • Waste treatment
  • Product Destruction
  • Waste to Energy
  • Recovery and Recycling
  • Composting and Food waste


Why is Waste Management Important?

We have listed many top companies that manage waste in South Africa but let’s look at why waste management is important. The nature of our waste is a reflection of our lives and our society as a whole. The way we deal with waste reflects our treatment of the environment, wildlife, and one another. This is why waste management is important – it ensures that we are treating our society and its surroundings in a responsible and respectful way. We all generate waste on a daily basis. This waste can be anything from food scraps to paper, plastic, and rubber. Depending on where we live, the type of waste we generate can differ greatly. This is why it is important to sort out our waste so that it can be dealt with correctly. This can be done at the source. This can be done by following simple steps like separating different types of waste and storing them in their respective places.

Ways to Manage Waste and some terms you need to know

There are many ways to manage waste. Choosing the best option for your situation will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of waste you have, the amount of waste you have, and the space you have for storing the waste. Some of the most common ways to manage waste include:

– Source reduction – This is the method of reducing the amount of waste that is generated in the first place.

– Reusing materials – This can be as simple as reusing paper towels or as complex as reusing entire items.

– Composting – This is the process of composting organic waste to create fertilizer. This is a great option if you have plenty of space. – Incineration – This is a great option if you have a lot of waste that can’t be reused or composted. The only downside to this method is that it produces ash and smoke that can be harmful to the environment.

– Landfills – These are where most of our non-biodegradable waste is disposed of. While this is a good way of disposing of waste, it isn’t the best for the environment since it can leach harmful chemicals into the soil and water supply.

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There are many benefits to a well-run waste management program. The first and most obvious is that it reduces the number of toxic chemicals in the environment. It also creates jobs and is beneficial for the economy in general. It’s important to see waste management as more than just getting rid of unwanted materials. Waste management is a way of treating your society and environment with respect.