Top 10 hottest female celebrities in South Africa

Nadia Nakai: Top 10 hottest female celebrities in South Africa

Let us show you the top 10 hottest female celebrities in South Africa. The country is one of the most popular in Africa and also the most developed with rich cultures to complement it. The country is a mixed with different races and each of these races has its own celebrities but we will concentrate on the hottest and by hottest we mean the most beautiful and sexually attractive celebrities. Don’t expect much older female celebrities on this list but the celebrities who are young and beautiful.

Top 10 hottest female celebrities in South Africa 

1. Candice Swanepoel (Born 20 October 1988) 

Her full name is Candice Susan Swanepoel, she’s a South African model and philanthropist and also the founder and Creative Director of Tropic Of C, a swimwear company. One of the things she’s notable for is becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2010. She is on the list because she’s one of the hottest women in the country.

2. Bonang Matheba (Born 25 June 1987) 

The award-winning actress, TV presenter and radio personality knows how to set our hearts on fire. Her alluring fashion and fantastic makeup complement her beautiful petite body. She knows how to make the movement that will turn heads around. With over 5 million followers on her Instagram page, you will know she’s a very attractive woman.

3. Boity Thulo (Born 28 April 1990) 

Sometimes, the bigger the better. Boity Thula has that real African woman body, great hips, thick legs, ravishing skin and she’s busty too. What other thing can complement a woman’s beauty than this? Her looks make us believe that truly black is beautiful. Apart from being hot, she’s got brains and is very talented. The South African beauty is a rapper, actress, businesswoman, model, and TV personality.

4. Thando Thabethe (Born 18 June 1990)

You won’t go further without mentioning this beauty, according to her social media page she added something to her name known as Thando Thabooty Thabethe, Thabooty is the name of her clothing brand. A classy woman who knows how to carry herself, did I forget to mention that she knows how to reveal some skin that mesmerizes her fans. She’s an actress, and Radio DJ. 

5. Minnie Dlamini (Born 7 July 1990)

Just like Boity, Minnie is another busty African woman with all curves and beautiful flawless chocolate skin. The South African on-air personality, actress, and model knows the best fashion for every occasion and her smiles melt the heart of her fans. Her walking steps are really majestic and she’s among the hottest celebrities in the country.

6. Amanda Du-Pont (Born 26 June 1988) 

We have another hotty in our hands, she knows how to take care of her skin, to be precise she’s the founder and CEO of, an award-winning skincare company. To maintain her great physique, she loves to hit the gym. Amanda is a lover of fashion and beauty, this has led to her being one of the most beautiful celebrities in South Africa. For her career, she’s an actress, model, and television host.

7. Simphiwe Ngema (Born 29 August 1989)

When it comes to beauty, she’s the most beautiful on this list, and also she’s hot. She’s got flawless light skin, average body size, and the cutest smile ever. Looking at her, her beauty is imaginary, you might start to think if she’s real, just looking at her pictures. Simphiwe Ngema is a famous South African actress, singer, MC, and presenter.

8. Nadia Nakai (Born 18 May 1990) 

Her beauty is fierce, one you can’t see easily. For me, she’s the hottest in our top 10 hottest female celebrities in South Africa. Such hotness can only come from artists, no wonder she’s a rapper. Nadia has an average height, curvy, and has great skin. If you love tattoos then you will definitely love this woman.

9. Anele Zondo (Born September 24, 1994)

This South African actress, musician, and presenter loves being hot. Her fashion and makeup are all fired up. Anele Zondo is slim and knows how to pose with that body of hers. Her followers can’t get enough of her updates on her Instagram page which is filled with hotness.

10. Pearl Thusi (Born 13 May 1988) 

We will be ending the list with this beauty. She has achieved much so far in her career but that doesn’t remove the fact that she’s full of hotness. She’s tall, slim, and has an athletic body. The South African actress, model, and presenter knows how to keep her fans intrigued by her updates on her social media handles.

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