Top 10 Logistics Companies In South Africa

Top 10 Logistics Companies In South Africa

This article will be focused on the Top 10 Logistics Companies In South Africa. Logistics means the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. Companies that offer these transport services are found in every country as everyone needs them to survive. South Africa is not left out, and that would be our country of interest in this article.

South Africa is one of the most developed countries on the African continent, there’s no doubt many companies will like to invest there. There are many logistics companies in this country but we will focus on the top ones.

Top 10 Logistics Companies In South Africa

1. Value Logistics

You must have heard about this company from friends or online, but if you need logistics services, then this is among the top ones to look into. It was founded in 1981, over four decades ago by Group CEO Steven Gottschalk. Many South African and multi-national brands have made them their supply chain partner. Their include truck rental and customized supply chain solutions.

2. Bakers S. A. Limited 

Its name might sound like a bakery company but instead, it’s an independent logistics company that has grown into a large and successful organization with an enviable service record. They have more than 1600 workers in about 17 locations across South Africa. To show how large this company is, it has a fleet of more than 600 vehicles and this company has been in operation for over 40 years. Bakers S. A Limited also offers warehousing, distribution, and containerized cargo.

3. Tsiko Africa Group

Established in 2016, it is a black-owned company that has made an impact in the country. Their Logistics growth strategy includes getting large South African corporate businesses to optimize their major supply chains. They also have a strategic partnership with Barberry Logistics, a specialist rail logistics company.

4. GEFCO South Africa 

Serving over 10 countries, this is a world expert in supply chain solutions and the European leader in automotive logistics. They joined CEVA Logistics, a leading global logistics provider, which makes them a global workforce of 110,000 people across 1,300 sites in more than 170 countries. GEFCO South Africa offers the following services; over boarder, airfreight, ocean freight, warehousing, customs and tax consulting services, Life Sciences and Health Care Services, and Finished Vehicle logistics. Their headquarter is located in Johannesburg.

5. APG Logistics

Formed in 2007, it is located at no. 13 The Woodlands, Inchanga Rd, Craigavon, 2191, South Africa. On February 2015, it was incorporated in South Africa and it’s 100% black woman owned and managed. They distribute dangerous goods, including but not limited to fuel, diesel, and explosives in the country. They specialize in Supply Chain and Logistics.

6. Morgan Cargo

This company was established in 1993. They offer logistic solutions to a wide variety of internationally based clients. The company is well-known for its efficient wholesale of cargo space, offering products and services to agents and exporters/importers alike. When Morgan Cargo was established, it was only dealing with Core Airfreight focus before it now changed to Ocean Freight service delivery in the year 2000. They have more than 500 employed staff.

7. Alpha Shipping

They offer the following services; worldwide shipping (their international shipping routes include the Indian Ocean, India, Australia, West Africa, Europe, East Africa, and South America), container services (worldwide shipping service specializing in containers, break bulk, ISO tank containers, dangerous goods, and project cargoes), and personalized services.

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8. Africamarine Ships Agency 

Located at no. 13 Uppercamp Rd, Maitland, Cape Town, 7405, South Africa, it is an independent South African registered shipping and freight services company. Their main service is the Shipping Industry, but they later diversified to Hazardous and Breakbulk Cargo procurement inquiries due to the high demand from their client base in West and East Africa.

9. Sky Air Freight 

With over 10 years of experience, this company has achieved much in satisfying their customers, that’s why we added them to our top 10 logistics companies in South Africa. Their services include;

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Rail Freight
  • Customs Clearing
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Import and Export
  • Logistics
  • Specialized Freight Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Door-to-Door Delivery
  • Courier Services
  • Household Removals
  • Shipping
  • Vehicle Transportation

10. Rennies Ships Agency 

This company has been in existence since 1849 ever since it was founded by John Thomson Rennie. Currently, the company is now wholly owned by The Bidvest Group Limited. Their services include;

Port Operations (Dry Bulk Carriers, Specialised Vessels (Tugs, Livestock, Survey, Vessels, Oil Rigs), Crude, Gas, Chemical Tankers, Bunker Supply and Procurement, and Heavy Lifting).

Freightbulk (Customs Clearances, Advice on Customs Formalities, and Delivery of Cargo by Rail and Road).

Liner (Marketing, Container Logistics, and Documentation Services).