Top 10 South African insurance companies

Top 10 South African insurance companies

Top 10 South African insurance companies

We present to you the top 10 South African insurance companies. There’s nothing better than having a hope of getting something you lost back. That’s what insurance is all about, though it comes with a price which you pay against such eventualities if they occur. Though Africans don’t usually take this serious because they see it as a waste of money, but nothing in this world is perfect as the future is not assured for anyone.

There are many insurance companies in South Africa and they’re in different categories ranging from life, cars to other properties.

Top 10 South African insurance companies

We will be listing the insurance companies but in different categories. We will begin with the life assurance best companies.

Top 10 life insurance companies in South Africa

  1. Standard Life
  2. FNB Life
  3. 1Life Insurance
  4. Sanlam Company
  5. Momentum Life
  6. Old Mutual Company
  7. Industry
  8. ABSA Life
  9. Discovery Life Company
  10. Metropolitan Company

The next in line that we will be looking at are the car insurance companies. Most of us that own a car know the risks involved in driving from one place to another. You could face the risk of car theft, accidents or engine damage.

The Best car insurance companies in South Africa

  1. Dial Direct
  2. Auto and General
  3. 1st for Women
  4. Virgin Money
  5. Unity
  6. King Price
  7. AA Insurance
  8. Momentum
  9. Discovery
  10. MiWay
  11. Outsurance
  12. Santam

Note: From our statistics these are the best insurance companies we could lay our hands on. We brought out these list from reviews and researches which showed that the ones on these list had less complaints from the general public.

Disclaimer: The report we have given doesn’t make other insurance companies irrelevant, still make a proper research and also get advices from experienced agent to get more information before making a decision.

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