Top 20 banks in South Africa

6. Bidvest Bank


Founded over two decades ago in 1998, Bidvest bank has expanded to manage over 140 retail banking outlets in South Africa. This bank is a specialist when it comes to foreign exchange and that’s why it made our list of top 20 banks in South Africa.

7. African Bank 

African Bank

The name suggests like a bank for the whole of Africa, but its predominantly in South Africa. The African Bank Limited is a retail bank and their focus is providing unsecured personal loans. Their headquarter is located at Midrand Johannesburg, South Africa.

8. Investec 


A well-known international bank that was founded in 1974. Their products are directed to Private Banking, Capital Markets, and Investment Banking.

Minor Banks

9. UBank 


A microfinance bank focused on gold and platinum mining.

10. Wesbank 


Focused on motor vehicle & business finance.