List of online jobs

List of online jobs

List of online jobs

There are so many jobs online today. About 15 years ago, there were almost no jobs online because the world wasn’t all that a global village as it is today. People can stay in the comfort of their homes and do a lot of jobs without meeting anyone which makes this enjoyable and easy.

We will present to you jobs which you can do online and earn, though they might not give you all the money you need but with the extra effort, you can a living from there. The good news is you can forget about 9 to 5 jobs because you can earn far more than that.

List of online jobs

1. Freelancing

You must have heard about Freelancing. It is a self-employed person offering services, usually to multiple clients at a time. It wasn’t seen as a job in the time past but today it has turned out to be one of the sure ways to make money. Fiverr and Upwork are good places to start from. Here are examples of freelance jobs you can start or do if you have the skill.

  • Graphic design: If you are a good designer then you can give it a try.
  • Writing: For writers.
  • Web design/web development and many others.

2. eBay 

eBay is a very popular online shopping platform established since 1995. One good thing about them is you can use their platform to market your products. Why must you sell using them, it’s because they have lots of customers from around the world that are ready to buy stuff. Take the following steps to achieve this;

  • Have a product to sell.
  • Write an attractive and well-understood description of the product.
  • Finally, upload on eBay and expect your customers to roll in.

3. Blogging

Blogging has been there for many years and it’s a career for many. It’s not a get rich quick job it takes some time but it pays well and maybe pays more than all in the list. Make sure you are a good writer and know your target audience. Here are the things you need to get started;

  • A website (pay for the domain name and host).
  • A laptop or PC.
  • An internet connection.

4. PickyDomains

This option is cool if you are creative. Here you suggest domain names for people who want to open a business website or blog, once it’s approved you get paid. When your domain is approved you can earn between $20 to $50.

5. Affiliate Marketing 

This involves selling another person or a company’s product and get a commission for each product sold. There are many big popular websites that offer this service by marketing people’s products through you who became the affiliate by registering with them. Such websites are;

  • Click Bank
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • JVZoo
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network.

This is the list of the popular legitimate online jobs you can do. We will continue to update this article with time to give you the best information always.

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