Most Popular Facebook Pages

When we talk about the most popular Facebook pages it also means the same thing as most liked Facebook pages. The more popular you are the more Likes you get which makes the two topics to mean the same thing. There are so many Facebook pages out there but we are here to talk about the famous ones.

Most Popular Facebook Pages

Let the list begin as we show you these amazing pages, some are celebrities while others are companies.

1. Facebook 

facebook official page

They came at the number one spot, no doubt it’s the official page of the social media giant.
With more than 214 million Likes they are at the top in the list.

2. Samsung 


samsung Facebook page

A well-known company that has achieved great heights in so many years. They produce several things which include Home appliances, Mobile phones, and many others. They have attained more than 160 million Likes on Facebook.

3.  Cristiano Ronaldo 

cristiano ronaldo facebook page

The football star is known as one of the most popular athletes currently. Apart from his career as a footballer he also is an entrepreneur. Cristiano has accumulated over 122 million Likes on Facebook.

4. Real Madrid CF 

REALMADRID facebook page

One of the best football clubs in the world would definitely have many fans across the globe. They have been home to many top football stars and have won many trophies in the football world. Their page has 110 million Likes and still counting.

5. Coca-Cola

coca-cola official page

Everyone drinks Coca-Cola around the globe and they have been on top for over 40 years. Their page is among the top on Facebook and they keep pushing to be the best. They have 107 million Likes currently and it would change with time.